Why your customers want to see meet the team pictures…..

A selection of different styles of Headshots by SURU Photography

Meet the team pictures are a great way to add a personal touch to your online presence.

Certain industries such as accountants, solicitors, and recruitment agencies can come across as quite “faceless”, and intimidating to potential clients, especially the larger companies. With such a vast amount of competition out there how can you direct these potential clients to you rather than your competitor?

Seeing the face behind the name can really add a personal touch to your business and make customers feel more at ease and confident about making the call.

In my experience, I have found it easier to connect with people and businesses that are very visual. Behind the scenes images of people working in the office, in meetings, chatting to clients are all great additions to the standard headshots. Some companies go even further with their ideas and do something really creative and animated.

Behind the scenes in a call centre where the team were enjoying “bring your grandparents to work” day.

As long as the images you choose to display keep to the style of your website and reflect your business genre then go for it. Oh, and the most important thing, use a Photographer!! Great ideas amount to nothing if they are not captured and carried through professionally.

Which leads me to my next Blog. Why it’s not a good idea to take your headshots yourselves.