It’s not the camera, it’s what you do with it.

One of the most common issues I am faced with when I approach Businesses regarding photography is “we own a decent camera so our office junior/receptionist/PA takes our pictures.”! There are many reasons why this is not always the best idea.

There is more to it than you think

Firstly, a decent camera does not automatically take great pictures anymore than a great pair of football boots will make you as good as Lionel Messi. Taking great business shots is not as easy as just switching on a camera and pressing the button. My six year old son can switch on a camera and press the shutter but it’s highly unlikely anyone would allow him to take pictures to represent their company. Why? Because he has no understanding of light, posing, depth of field, temperature, framing or any of the other things that are needed to execute a great shot……..

Still think it sounds easy?

Secondly, and this applies mainly to taking headshots and staff photos, if you have someone you know and work with taking your picture it can be extremely uncomfortable and awkward, resulting in images that look as awkward as they felt

It’s not easy trying to pose and look professional in front of one of your friends! I remember having my headshot taken by a friend at work once upon a time. Not only did I feel ridiculous but I hated how I looked in the picture. This is because had been given no directions from the person taking the shots and I felt awkward. But that wasn’t their fault. They hadn’t been trained on how to pose people, and which angle is the most flattering and how to get the best use of natural light. They had just been asked to “take pictures”.

It can also be extremely difficult for the person photographing if the subject is in a more senior role to them. Telling your boss or superior how to look and stand to get the best possible angle does not sound like a task most people would be comfortable undertaking.  

This “in house” approach may be more cost-effective than getting in a professional, and I know for some companies with small budgets it’s the only option, but if you are wanting to look professional, create the best appearance possible for your brand, and you are in a position to do so, then surely it’s worth investing in a photographer??

I go into more detail on the subject of headshots and how important they are in my next blog – What does your headshot say about you?