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Hello and Welcome to the SURU Photography website.

SURU is a West Yorkshire based commercial photographer providing a creative and reliable photography service for businesses.

If you have any questions about how our photography services can help your business shine or would like to discuss your photography needs please CONTACT US.


West Yorkshire Commercial Photographer


Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, SURU (Sue Rutherford) Photography is owned and run by photographer Suzanne Rutherford.

Suzanne has been a freelance photographer for many years having previously traded under the name One Vision Photography. In January 2019 Suzanne decided to move away from covering “all photography” to focus on working with businesses and helping them reach their true potential through the use of creative imagery



Here at SURU Photography we cover all aspect of commercial photography working with a vast range of industries.

Based in Keighley West Yorkshire, we are in a prime location to work with clients in Bradford, Leeds, Ilkley, Skipton and beyond.

Your commercial photography needs to reflect your business brand and identity as well as being informative and eye catching.


View some of our favourite past projects.


It’s not the camera, it’s what you do with it.

One of the most common issues I am faced with when I approach Businesses regarding photography is “we own a decent camera so our office junior/receptionist/PA takes our pictures.”! There are many reasons why this is not always the best idea. Firstly, a decent camera does not automatically take great pictures anymore than a great …

Why your customers want to see meet the team pictures…..

Meet the team pictures are a great way to add a personal touch to your online presence. Certain industries such as accountants, solicitors, and recruitment agencies can come across as quite “faceless”, and intimidating to potential clients, especially the larger companies. With such a vast amount of competition out there how can you direct these …